April 22, 2002

The weather is perfect, sunshine and mid 80's. The river is an outstanding 78 degrees, clear and lovely. All are in good health. The wildflowers are prolific and staggering. The newly fenced garden is doing fabulously. Deer can't get in so we're going to get tomatoes this year. The house and grounds are coming along and we've got work. Life is good.

Shed, garden & cistern.

It's April Fools Day and, after years of earth and rock moving, months of fence building, weeks of soil building, at last the garden is in. Here's a wide shot, showing the garden's proximity to the shed and the cistern, looking from the northeast corner of the house.

Garden just planted looking west.

Here's the garden from the southeast corner.

Sawyer checks out the new garden.

The ever-curious Sawyer just had to check out the entire perimeter of the garden as soon as it was in.

Annie in canoe.

April 8th was so gorgeous we couldn't take sitting in front of the computers anymore so, about 4:00, we exploded out of the office and hopped into the canoe for a little recreation.

Annie checks out a bird.

Annie always has those little binoculars along. And there's always lots to look at...

Cypress stump like teeth.

Does this need a caption?

Sawyer disembarks.

Back at the home beach, Sawyer's glad we're back. He had been howling the whole time we were up-river.

Annie looks out from under hat.

Annie relaxes after the ride.

River at sunset.

Don't ya love those cypress stumps?

Zac in sage.

Isn't that sage spectacular?

Zac in sage thumbs up.

Zac thinks so.

Zac checks out verbina.

Our boy Zac, like our cat Sawyer, is curious about everything. Here, he's found some delicate purple flowers.

Zac & Annie check the flower book.

"What kind of flower is this, Nana?" The wildflower book is always at hand when Zac's around.

Indian blankets & blackeyed Susans.

Just in case you were curious about what the wildflowers are looking like today (April 22), here are some Indian blankets with a few black eyed Susan mixed in.

Butterfly on Indian blanket.

Butterflies love them all but seem to be especially partial to the Indian blankets. There were many of them flitting flower to flower. This was one that held still long enough for a picture.

Wine cups.

And here are my personal favorites, the wine cups. Did you know that their roots can be fried up like tiny potatoes? Delicious but not enough to justify the flower's sacrifice.


Jump up to the top.

Garden just planted.

Moving in a little closer, here's just the garden. We've got several different varieties of tomatoes, peppers, basil, dill, parsely, green beans, cucumbers and marigolds in there.

Garlic & mint gardens.

In the foreground is a patch of wild garlic that John Ahrns pulled up when he had to clear a field over at West Cave Preserve. John didn't think it would grow. I took a chance and transplanted it. Last year we ate a lot of garlic from this patch. We'll probably get even more this year.

Sawyer in a mesquite.

Curious and gutsy. This speedy kitty shot up that mesquite tree for no apparent reason.

Sawyer way up in a mesquite.

Wondering how tall that branch is that he is prancing around on?

Texas buckeye along the river.

like this stand of Texas buckeye, this tree with gorgeous, bright red flowers. We had to get out of the canoe there and we found one with yellow flowers too and a terrific sandy hanging out area.

Holy rock along river.

Or this? I don't think so.

Annie pets Sawyer.

He gets some loving and all is right with his world.

River sunset with buzzards.

As the sun begins to set, the buzzards begin their decent to their favorite perches.

Zac asleep 4-20-02

The sun is up on April 20th at Grandpa and Nana's but the little prince enjoys the big bed to himself.

Zac on edge of sage garden.

Yeah, I'm cool.

Zac wise guy.

And just a little mischievous.

Zac drives a bobcat.

Over at West Cave, the construction continues. Here they get a little help from Zac the Bobcat operator.

Garden on 4-22-02

Wondering what the garden is looking like today? Here, through the magic of digital photography, is what has happened over the last few weeks. Cool huh?

Bluebonnets & Indian blankets.

Here are some of our famous bluebonnets mixed in with those ubiquitous Indian blankets.


These are vervain, in the verbena family.

Well, that's the story for now. Tune in next newsletter for more. But if you haven't had enough and haven't already checked them out, here are a few other sites that we've put up:

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