Old garden
Cukes in a juniper
The old, original garden. It contains herbs - oregano, dill, thyme, basil. It also has our habanero peppers, a couple of small varieties of tomato and those cukes on the upper left hand side are climbing about 14 feet into a juniper tree.
Here is a detail of that cucumber vine up in the tree.
Texas Wild tomatoes
These are the prolific, tiny "Texas Wild" tomatoes that keep coming back year after year in the old garden. They are about to ripen and will soon be exploding their deliciousness in our mouths.
Lower garden
Here is the lower garden. It features the parsely patch, tomatoes and peppers of various varieties. These jalapenos are one of the varieties we love so much.
Upper garden
Here is the upper garden, the newest. It's got zuchinni and yellow squash, a tomato plant, a pepper plant, an eggplant plant and our newest addition... The asparagus patch. Gotta wait another couple years to get a good harvest from this patch but then, yum.
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