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August 9th, 2003 - Rally to Support Texas Democratic congresspeople

While you all anxiously await the (someday) upcoming Flash piece on our Maui trip, here's a little up-to-the-minute, report on a rally held today at the Capital to support the Democratic representatives who hid out in Oklahoma and the senators who are holed up right now in Albuquerque. Despite the 98 degree heat (amplified by the Capital asphault heat-reflection system), a couple thousand people showed up from all over the state. There was a distressing paucity of clever signs but I shouldn't complain since Annie and I made no signs ourselves. In other news, yesterday the temperature hit 110 in Austin. When that hot wind blew it felt like we were inside a convection oven. For those of you who were not here to experience it, congratulations.
Wide shot of crowd The crowd seemed a little thin to actually be the 5,000 reported in the Statesman. Could it be that since the local rag is in agreement with this demonstration's purpose, they have inflated the numbers in our favor? Naw, they are too ethical for that, aren't they?
Dallas says enough is enough poster This is typical of many of the signs - area-specific and to the point.
Nacogdoches says no poster See what I mean?
Zafferini constituents Visibility counts. These folks know how to get their message across.
Don't let Tom Delay steal our vote sign Like I said, can't complain.
Don't mess with Texas districts sign. This one gets the tallest sign prize.
GOP = Greed Over People sign. Kinda sums it up, don't it?
Can't sleep. Pigs will eat me sign. These two get the production prize.
Westar bought a Delay in congress sign. Bruce and Annie - happy demonstrators.
Kucinich supporter from Wilson County I saw quite a few Kucinich supporters out there. This particular guy said that if Kucinich doesn't get the nomination, he's voting Green. I'm inclined to agree (with the feeling). Kucinich is the only one really talking to me. That feeling might not hold up in the voting booth though, as I become overcome with fear of another 4 Bush years and swing my cursor over to the Democrat, whomever that may be. Unless, of course, it looks like Bush will sweep Texas anyway, in which case the Electoral College system will free me to actually vote for the ideas with which I agree.
Grandson Zac eating a Cheeto by the Pedernales River And now, sneakily included, here's the obligatory picture of our favorite person, grandson Zac, eating a Cheeto down by the Pedernales last week.

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