Susan Lee Solar
December 30, 1941 - February 13, 2002

Susan Lee, our dear friend and neighbor, is gone and our keyboard is drenched with tears. Solar was such an appropriate name for Susan, an intense light, focused on making the world fairer, cleaner, just better. We've always been in awe of the depth and breadth of her caring and commitment. Her life was a rich quilt, made up of her diverse interests and causes, stitched together into a beautiful, cohesive whole - a crazy quilt, connected with delicate but powerful thread. Susan herself was far from crazy. Quite the contrary. She was a voice for sanity in what she saw as a crazy world - a world unfair to so many, a world being polluted for profit. She was an artist and she inspired us to be creative, creative in the pursuit of peace, justice and sanity and creative just for the hell of it.

It is our friend Susan that this website is about. We will love and remember her always. It is our hope that many people will take up Susan's spirit and reactivate themselves to continue her work. Let's seek out injustice and labor toward its abolition. Let's do our best to continue Susan's calling and make our world a less polluted, even more beautiful place. That is how Susan would want us to honor her.
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This site needs your input. We will publish on it whatever you have to say about Susan. We will try to fill this space with as many photos and remembrances as we can collectively come up with. We'll even try to add a few video clips to help round out the picture of this amazing woman. There is no way to really tell the complete Susan story. Those of us lucky enough to have known her will just have to keep her and her story in our hearts.

Because Susan revered the power of the circle so, we have made our quilt round, a mandala quilt. Any picture within the mandala will take you somewhere. For those who prefer more traditional navigation, we've got buttons.

Now please enter the site and explore. And remember, this is for us all. Be free with your feedback, suggestions and contributions. Please e-mail any pictures or written remembrances to and do keep checking back here as the site develops. Yours, Ric & Annie