Zac at Grandpa & Nana's House, February, 2002
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The day begins. Sun pours in the window but that doesn't bother our Zac. This little prince loves to sleep in. And off with the head of anyone who tries to rouse him prematurely.
Eventually, he gets up, yawns and stretches, then goes right back to sleep... next to Nana, who is indulging in her favorite activity - coffee & the paper on the loft chaise.
Soon, after 2.5 breakfasts, we go out for a walk. That's our house in the background. At first, Superman tries to fly by flapping his arms. Never gets off the ground.
Now he's got the Superman flying position. This picture was taken just before take-off. The hard hat comes in very handy when he helps out with the West Cave Preserve construction.
Careful kid! Watch where you're driving that roller... Oh well, we won't show the damage. Back at home, we engage in a really serious construction project, with blocks made by Grandpa from 5 different types of wood left over from building our house..
All photos taken by Grandpa Ric with his new Olympus digital camera. To go to the AiM Productions web site home page, click here. To view pictures of our house, click here