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Our efforts have paid off. The developers have agreed to fix the problems they created, pay the injured parties and provide money for ongoing creek monitoring and maintenance. You can read about the settlement in this article. And we had a great victory party. Check out the photos.


A good time was had by all on this beautiful March 25th and we raised $4,700 to help us pay our bills. Thanks to the musicians and all who made it a success. Click here for pix.


The Guardians have finally achieved 501c3 status. This means that all donations to us (including fundraisers), retroactive to August 18, 2004, may be deducted for income tax purposes. Thanks to all who have contributed!

Carol Strayhorn's letter

D.C's letter

Christy Muse's letter

8-28-04 Jimmy Gilmore House Concert Pix

10-16-04 Garage Sale Pix8-28-05 Flatlanders Benefit Pix

10-15-05 Garage Sale Pix

11-15-05 Fish Fry Pix

1-6-06 Studebakers Benefit Pic

Thanks for visiting the website of the Guardians of Lick Creek. We started as a loose-knit group of neighbors living along the creek who, for many years, have worked to protect this jewel from environmental damage.

The organization has since expanded and taken in members from outside the community in response to a crisis in the creek caused by irresponsible development. Neighbors first noticed a pollution problem in August of 2003. They noted that the creek's normally crystal-clear waters had become permanently cloudy. Although previously, some murkiness would generally appear in the creek after a rain, it would always clear up after a day or two. The current, long lasting problem was traced to a large housing development, West Cypress Hills, just upstream.

Our Mission
We are dedicated to halting the continued pollution of Lick Creek that is being caused by upstream development at West Cypress Hills subdivision and to make the developers return the creek to its previous pristine condition.

The Lawsuit
We instituted a lawsuit against developer Russel Parker and the West Cypress Hills development to preserve and protect the creek. The development was accused of violations of the Texas Water Code Section 11,086. The suit has now been settled. Watch for an official press release generated jointly by the Guardians and the West Cypress Hills developers as soon as the developers do their share of it. Meanwhile, read what Marty Toohey wrote about the settlement in this Austin American Statesman article.

Poster Child Pics of the CreekAlgae blooms in Lick Creek 600 yds. from West Cypress Hills
Photo by Pepper Morris of disgusting algae blooms in Lick Creek about 600 yards from West Cypress Hills subdivision, taken the week of 2-14-05.

Algae blooms in Green Hole week of 2-14-05
And here's more algae, shot in the same week by Cindy Phillips. This mess is the once lovely Green Hole, about 1,200 yards from West Cypress Hills.

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